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Dark And Light

A new Diablo Guild

"We do what the game's done for"


At that moment, the grass was greener than ever. The lands of Kaanalia were peaceful. But everybody known what happened at that time. The ArchAngel Tyrael warned us long ago of the dangers of the soul stone which contained the essence of Diablo. But it was too late. Albrect, the son of King Leoric was captured and we now know that he became himself Diablo. The horadrims were decimated and all the leaders of Kaanalia disapeared. The gods, faced with this horrible situation, did not know what to do. until that day... yes that day when they heard sounds coming from the moon. They looked at it and what they saw was full of sparks at the limit which is spliting the moon in two parts : the Dark Side Of The Moon and the Light Side Of The Moon. They traveled until their and got faced with a fierce battle opposing two army leaded, one side, by a proud mage surrounded by glaring light, and on the other side, by a dark mage, so dark that the only thing you could see from him was the pale light of his burning soul through his shadow. The gods knew this war was supposed to be eternal ,but with this situation in Kaanalia, they dared to stop it. For the first time ever the moon stopped to glow. The armies looked at their masters, and desintagrated. the two "men" came to the gods. For the first time ever Dark met light without any battle. They found out that the power, combinated, was a hundred billons time stronger. They sweared eternal peace to each other. After a very long discussion in which the gods explained the situation on Kaanalia, the Dark And Light mages decided to help to clean Kaanalia from its evil invaders. To do that they will have to make a new governement to rule over the lands and an army to destroy....Diablo...destroy the hacking,duping and player killing plague on!!! Long life to DarkHands(DAL) and LightHands(DAL). Long Life to DAL!!!!


DAL is a small guild still expanding. But the recruitment is going well and we already have a huge ally :GOC (gods of chaos) You can visit their magnificient internet page using


A list of the memebers???? here it is!


DarkHands(DAL) icq: 7228065 e-mail: RANK : LEADER


LightHands(DAL) icq: 13613375 e-mail : RANK :LEADER


DemonicPower(DAL) icq: 22316468 e-mail : RANK : not yet


Kitana(DAL) icq: 18636526 e-mail: RANK: not yet


Fitzben(DAL) icq: 1557342 e-mail: RANK: not yet


Drake(DAL) icq : 2188455 e-mail: RANK: not yet


Vox_Lunea(DAL) icq: 10652808 e-mail: RANK: not yet



The guild, for now, has two reallly strict rules :

-"we do what the game's done for" Means that we do not tolerate any hacks, dupes or anything wrong. It means we are completely LEGIT. We also hope that there is no kind of hacked character or hacking programs on your computer. We know that on your computer none of your character will have in his possession a duped item or a duped gift (as exemple, I can name those : King Sword Of Haste, Godly Plate Of The Whales, Obsidian Ring Or Amulet Of The Zodiac).

-We do not want any francophone to hate anglophones or anglophone to hate francophones. The purpose of DAL is to get the more LEGIT player to play together with no language of ethnic restriction.


Here are the Ranks, they will surely change in the future but for now it should be ok....You probably think, Like me, that these ranks are going to be long to fill up...well...we don't care :-)


The ranks are used to create a reason for player to try to improve their characters. We will try to give a responsability to those ranks


Leader: sorry, this rank is occupied by DarkHands(DAL) and LightHands(DAL) and, as creators of this guild, they will never go down.


- 2 counsellors, one for DarkHands(DAL) and another one for LightHands(DAL)



- A king (queen)

-2 king's (queen's) counsellors

-4 Knights of the round ( it is not because they're called Knights that only warrior can be there!)



-The Army Ruler

-The army , which is separated into 3 groups:


The Warriors:

- The Commander

-2 Generals

-2 Paladins

-3 Guards

-3 Master Swordmen

-4 soldiers

-5 Gladiators


The Sorcerors:

- The Elder

-2 Arch-Mages

-2 Summoners

-3 Mages

-3 Illusionists

-4 Casters

-5 Apprentice


The Rogues:

-The Sister Of Kaanalia

-2 Snipers

-2 Rangers

-3 Expert Marksmen

-3 Raiders

-4 SharpShooters

-5 Archers


To get better grades, the only thing you have to do is to bypass (in points) the person in front of you. We calculate points in function of you equipments, of Your levels, and the number of Pk you killed. WE ( DarkHands(DAL) and LightHands(DAL)) CALCULATE YOUR POINTS. That allows us to be sure you don't have cheated items.


In the same time of being a diablo guild...Our guild will try to create interaction between our members a bit like an AD&D game (Dungons & Dragons). That should be fun.


WELL THATS ALL FOLKS This page is going to be updated when needed! BYE AND LONG LIFE TO DAL!!!!